Friday, January 22, 2010

My Education

I wasn't much of a high school student, I suppose. I did like some of my classes, but I really didn't like to do my homework. Whether this disposition is a good or bad thing is probably irrelevant. I wasn't lazy. I wasn't rebelling at a conscious level. I was simply crazy about computers, and after school most days I would walk the three blocks to Mr. Alessi's house and spend hours writing software, playing games and watching TV with my new boss and mentor. I'm sure my parents weren't completely thrilled with this, but they seemed glad I wasn't getting in trouble.

There was simply no end to what I could learn. There were many books and magazines to read and computers to experiment with. Mr. Alessi was an accomplished electrical engineer and businessman. I really thought we were going to make millions of dollars. That didn't happen, but I must always remember to be grateful for my education. I make just as much money today as software engineers who paid for four years of college, and I was ready for full time work right out of high school. I think young people today should try to find similar opportunities for themselves in whatever field interests them. Read a lot about what interests you. Find other people with your interests and do something ambitious together.

Patrick Alessi, I owe you a debt of gratitude. Thanks!

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