Wednesday, December 30, 2015

IBM Smalltalk and team development

One really great thing about getting the job at Gem Consulting was that we were developing in IBM Smalltalk for OS/2, on IBM computers at IBM.  So we had access to quality support.

My experience using Smalltalk up to this point was using Smalltalk/V which was a popular and very good Smalltalk product.  The IBM Smalltalk was fancier and included GUI drawing tools and source code management, and working with a team of developers (there were four of us) gave me important experience that I never had before.  I learned so much by developing software with others and it taught me to break software down into modules even more effectively than I ever had.

The working space was an audio visual presentation room with an LCD projector that dropped down from the ceiling.  Around the outside of the room were tables where we worked.  We were able to communicate effortlessly because we were in the same space, and when we needed to design or make plans we would all turn our chairs around and use tables in the middle of the room.

Our development of this project went swiftly and smoothly.  I really enjoyed this style of work.

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