Sunday, January 10, 2016

Liberty BASIC book preproduction

In addition to actually writing the Liberty BASIC book which involved developing the tutorial examples and explaining them, creating a quiz for each chapter, developing and proofreading each chapter, etc. There was the matter of producing camera ready pages.  They needed to be a certain size and they wanted crop marks on the pages.

NRI Schools also wanted a full color color, which I really didn't know how to create.  A friend of mine named Robert Gerami actually helped me with the graphic, and he even added a funny cartoon to the back of the book.  The cartoon was of a building with a sign saying "Programming School" and there was a hot dog stand outside the building.  A character with a fishing rod up on the second floor was trying to snatch a hot dog from the vendor's stand with his fish hook!  It was a humorous way to polish off the book's cover design.

There was a local company that created the acetate color separations for the cover, and all this went off to a company called Whitehall Publishing.  They charged me approximately $6 for each copy of the book when ordered in 1,000 or more.

All I needed to do now was write the check and wait...

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