Monday, February 8, 2010

Mis-adventures in PDP-11 Programming

I mentioned earlier that I didn't become much of a Pascal programmer, but I neglected to mention one very important reason. We were too busy messing around. Brice Illingsworth (I hope I got that right) managed to get copies of all the manuals for the PDP-11 and the RSX-11 operating system. The most useful thing we managed to produce with these generously donated manuals was a simple internal email system. Pretty amazing when I think back on it.

However, we did almost get ourselves into some real trouble. Brice had the brilliant idea that we should create a mock login routine that would capture people's account information into a file and then present a login error and then quit to a real login. We managed to capture a few passwords before someone noticed our little mischief. Thankfully he gave us a wink and a nod and we didn't repeat this bad behavior.

Since graduating from high school I have not used a PDP-11. I just checked and found a DEC Digital PDP 11/03-LK Rack Mount Computer for a mere $203. I'm sure I wouldn't know what to do with it. ;-)

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