Monday, February 22, 2010

The Job Does Has Its Perks

When I got promoted to computer programmer they moved me out of the engineering area and into the room next to it. They also gave me a desk and bought me a computer. This was a Tandy 1000SX, sporting a 7.16MHz 8088 processor, 384K bytes of RAM, two floppy drives and a 20MB hard card (a hard drive that is mounted on a frame in line with the controller card).

This was a slightly quirky machine. Tandy was used to producing their own designs, and their IBM PC clones up to this point were attempts at going their own way. As every computer manufacturer was learning it really didn't work to make an almost IBM compatible computer. The 1000 series was their first really compatible line. Even so they stubbornly kept their own keyboard layout from the Tandy 2000. I even needed to draw some missing symbols on keys with a permanent marker. The printer port was just circuitboard fingers on the motherboard instead of the popular Centronics printer connector.

The machine had CGA graphics and a green screen monitor. This would prove to be very important to software I would write but I couldn't imagine at this time where this would lead.

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