Friday, February 12, 2010

How I met the transistor

When I was perhaps 11 years old my father brought me home a book, and what a book it was! It was a red covered paperback titled Transistors, and I think it was published by Tab. The book was a perfect introduction to semiconductors for the neophyte. It was peppered with cartoon characters and helpful diagrams. The wonders of doped germanium and silicon were laid bare. PN, NPN and PNP junctions, holes, valence electrons and more all demystified. I already had a basic understand of what a transistor was, but until I read this book I really had no idea how they worked. The book blew the door wide open!

This was obviously a well written book to be suitable for an 11 year old to grasp and the information has stuck with me even after all these years. Thanks Dad! Now where did I leave that book?

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